If you wish to register your child for admission, please complete the Application for Admission form and send it to Eastcourt Independent School at the address shown.


By signing the Application for Admission, parents or guardians confirm that they have read, understood and agreed to the following terms:

  1. Pupils are expected to obey the school rules and must pay strict attention to speech, appearance, courtesy and general conduct.

  2. Pupils are expected to take a full part in the corporate life and activities of the school.

  3. Parents or guardians of pupils are expected to provide suitable facilities for homework. While the school provides all textbooks and exercise books, loss or damage to school property by a pupil will be charged to parents.

  4. Pupils must attend regularly and punctually. No pupil is to be absent from the school, except in the case of illness, without the permission of the Headmistress. Please note that no allowance is made for any holiday during term-time.

  5. If a pupil is absent because of illness, parents must inform the school by email to on the morning of the child's absence. A pupil who has been absent through illness must, on returning to school, present a written explanation to the class teacher.

  6. Pupils suffering from an infectious disease, or who have been in contact with infection, must not return to school until certified clear of the infection by a doctor.

  7. All fees are payable on or before the first Friday of term. No remission can be claimed for absence. The school reserves the right to charge a fee for late payment. Details of fees are available from the school secretary and will be forwarded to parents/guardians from time to time.

  8. Notice, in writing, must be given at least one term before the withdrawal of a pupil i.e. by the last day of the previous term. In the absence of such notice, a full term’s fees must be paid. This applies whether the pupil has joined the school or not, once the offer of a place has been accepted.

  9. The school reserves the right to accept or refuse a pupil and to require a pupil to be withdrawn from the school.

  10. The Headmistress reserves the right to take appropriate action in respect of breaches of school rules or other misbehaviour and to delegate responsibility for good discipline to members of staff.



Applications may be made at any time. We recommend registration as soon as possible after birth.


Applications are considered during the Autumn Term.


Screening sessions take place during the Christmas holidays. We look for children able and willing to cope with the curriculum we offer.


A formal 7+ entrance test takes place in November. The children complete Maths, English and Reasoning papers, and undertake an informal interview.


It is possible to consider candidates at other times only if there is a vacant place in an appropriate year group. Vacancies are filled following tests based on the curriculum of the year in question.

Successful applicants are notified in writing, and places are reserved on receipt of a non-refundable deposit of £500.


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Academic Year 2019-2020

SCHOOL FEES                                                       

By CASH or CHEQUE Autumn term 2019 £2600.00 payable by 07.09.2018
Spring Term 2020 £2600.00 payable by 11.01.2019
Summer Term 2020   £2600.00 payable by 29.04.2019



There are two methods of payment:
1.  In full by the first Friday of each term.
2.  By direct debit due on the 5th of each month,
spread over 10 months (last payment June).
Reception – Year 6                                                £783.00 per month

Parents will be asked to pay Bank Charges caused by cheque irregularities.


Penalties are charged for late payment, as follows:

1.   Received after 3.30 pm on the first Friday           £25.00
2.   Received after 3.30 pm on the second Friday      £50.00
Direct Debit payments are subject to the same penalties, i.e. if not received by the 5th of the month £25.00, or later than the 12th £50.00.
Pupils are not accepted after the third Friday if fees have not been settled.


Once the parent or guardian has accepted the offer of a place in the School, he/she is required to give the Headmistress, in writing, at least one full term’s notice of the withdrawal of the pupil concerned, irrespective of whether or not the pupil has joined the school.  Failing this, payment of the School Fees for the following term will be due. In the event of the Headmistress requiring a pupil to be withdrawn from the School, no part of the current term’s fee will be refunded.



All items of clothing and personal possessions to be clearly marked with a name tag.
All uniform items are available from Fosters Schoolwear Ltd.


General School blazer
School tie
School scarf (optional)
Navy blue gloves (optional)
Black leather shoes (see sheet 2)
Classroom Painting apron ♦
Navy blue satchel ♦ (P)
Black briefcase *
Lunchbox (name on the inside)

Navy blue raincoat (style Denver) or
Navy blue overcoat (style Henry)
Long grey trousers
Long-sleeved blue shirts
Navy blue long-sleeved V-neck pullover
Long grey socks (optional)

Navy blue raincoat (style Cindy) or
Navy blue topcoat (style Melanie)
School gymslip
Blue blouse
Navy blue cardigan
Knee-length white socks
Navy blue woollen tights (optional)

Girls: Hair ribbons, slides, etc., navy blue only. Long hair: plaited or tied back


Short grey trousers *
Short-sleeved blue shirts
Short grey socks

School dresses
White ankle socks

A current list is below. Children are expected to wear one of these styles. We understand that all Clarks shoes do not contain pig skin. All shoes must be plain black leather, not patent.

♦         Infants Only
*         Juniors Only
(P)         Available from the Parents Association
*          Except for Year 6

We have received the following information from Clarks Shoes, 116 High Rd. Ilford, IG1 1BY Tel: 020 8553 0547

“Your local Clarks Shoe Shop in Ilford are nearing opening and we would like to reach out to every parent and guardian who will require some help in fitting their children for new school shoes.

As a company we are looking to drive our appointments to help manage our queues and spread our customers over the course of the day to ensure we all stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also offer out of hours appointments should a child need a quieter environment.”

Clarks Ilford




All clothing items must be purchased from Fosters Schoolwear Ltd.,
12 Birchanger Industrial Estate,  Stansted Road, Bishop Stortford, CM23 2TH . 
Telephone : 01279 653865  -  e:mail :




Eastcourt sports shirt   Plain white football socks   *
Black plimsolls (P.E.) Mirak Football boots   *
Navy blue slipper bag, named on outside *‡  Shin pads   *
Eastcourt baseball sports cap ‡(optional) Mirak Black trainers *
Eastcourt tracksuit  Sports bag   * ‡
Eastcourt football shirt  *  
Plain white short sports socks  


White shorts


Navy blue shorts

*   Juniors only
‡   Available from the school office