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Our Year So Far...
2016-17 part 1

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Visits and Visitors page

We raised £113 for Lamayian Paul from our Carols and Cake Service on Friday 9th December.
We raised £405 for Haven House Hospice.
Nativity Tickets - £210
Coffee Morning - £75
Non Uniform - £120
netball team

Eastcourt Netball team at the Forest Tournament, October 2016
Back row: Nicole Zedomi, Mahi Patel, Daya Virdee, Danielle Olaiya, Savera Ansari
Front row: Zara Mirza, Gopika Leneesh, Humairaa Mohmmed, Jasheer Bance

netball cert

Infant Christmas Show

"Thank you all for supporting the children.
I'm sure everyone who attended will agree with us that  all of the children were fantastic. Well done!

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year"

Infabt Christmas 2016 1
Infabt Christmas 2016 2 Infabt Christmas 2016 3
Some art work from Year 6
Prina Zara
Jeevan Vidip


"Thank you for all the entries and donations for the competitions and for those who bought at our coffee morning. In total we raised £74.90 for Haven House Hospice" coffee morning 3
coffee morning 1 coffee morning 2
Akshath Anushka
Akshath - 3B Anushka - 2G
Jaidan Raffay
Jaidan - 3M Raffay - 2G
Rayhrn - 3M  


These pictures are from our Open Day on 19th November. If you missed it, personal appointments are available on a Monday and Wednesday. Our next Open Day will be in March, following results of Year 6 applications to Secondary School.
Click here for the slideshow


Remembrance Day artwork












Thank you to all of the parents and children who donated and bought cakes/coffee, raffle tickets and goodies.
We raised the following for Children In Need:
£61.70 – Raffle
£75.90 – Cakes/coffee
£112.00 - Goodies
harvest1 The Harvest Festival Assembly was led by Year 4. It was a mixture of songs and information celebrating the world we live in, and where we source our ingredients and what other countries do to celebrate harvest.

Produce was collected by St Francis Hospice.

We also organised a Scarecrow and Food Basket competition, all proceeds (£40) again going to St Francis Hospice. Our photos show some of our entries.
harvest3 harvest5
harvest4 harvest6

Eastcourt Links is the name given to our community gatherings - our version of a School Council. It includes everyone, led by Year 6.

The theme in the first term is to encourage us to respect ways in which we are the same and ways in which we are different.

All new families were invited to join is in the hall on 14th October. We looked at occasions when families celebrated together, skills our reception children enjoy demonstrating in the playground and a story about a gentle giant.

All the children joined together and performed some catchy songs.

Thank you to all the parents who attended. We look forward to welcoming you again next term where we look at the community to where our children belong.

In our photographs, our youngest pupils were asked to show how ‘different’ they could be in the playground!

links2 links3
links4 links5

We organised a Year 6 Biscuit Competition to raise money for Wateraid, an organisation which provides safe water and sanitation to those in need. Teams were required to use biscuits as the basis of a food technology project. They could choose to decorate the biscuits, use them in a game or anything else they could think of. The winning team was judged according to the profit they make on sales at our Coffee Morning and posters they made to advertise their products. They raised a magnificent £300.24 – Well done Year 6.

biscuit2 biscuit5
biscuit4 biscuit3
biscuit6 biscuit7

At one mile I
dream about having a day like yours
full with games, sport, happiness and fun.

At two miles I
think about how you drink a cup of fresh water
with smiles on your faces.

At three miles I
think about other children in the world,
how they can water a plant, wash their face
or boil water at any time.

At four miles I
wonder if you ever think about me,
about how I walk four miles just for a drink
of dirty water.

I start the four mile journey back home
with a big heavy load on my back,
day dreaming about a day when Africa will have
fresh, clear water for everyone.


Gopika, Ashwin, Humairaa, Nicole (Year 6)


[This poem is based on Martin Kiszko’s ‘Water Walk’ – see  HERE for the original – and was written as part of a lesson on Wateraid.]

biscuit8 biscuit9
Ayesha Ghauri Humairaa Mohmmed


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