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Our Year So Far... Spring 2016
Many of the pictures get bigger when you click on them...

Learning and Playing with the roamer in Year 2
Looking at worms in Year 2
pond creatures
Looking for pond creatures in Year 2


Year 3 children enjoyed finding out about Australia during a visit by Johnnie Cope. They learnt about the geography, history, nature and culture of the country. This was followed by a workshop teaching them the techniques of playing the didgeridoo
australia 1
australia 2
australia 3


Road to Rio
road to Rio

Here are 6R in their 'Get Set 'Road to Rio' project which Eastcourt is following. This is a nationwide initiative by the British Olympic people whose website explains: "Get Set is the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association’s youth engagement programme".

“They seem to love moving arms and legs quickly and often.”

“It was nice to see everyone having fun as this is my last year.”

“I really enjoyed dancing to Samba music, I found it quite festive. In the workshop, it was like dancing for strictly come dancing.”

“Everyone got to dress up in their chosen country's colour.”


Year 6 visited Stubbers on May 26th

I can’t wait to see what they have planned for us. (Yasmin)

I’ve checked my bag five times to make sure I had everything. (Sandhana)

Stubbers 1 Stubbers 2
Stubbers 3 Stubbers 4

In pioneering we had to make tripods and triangles of wood and joining them together with ropes. The knots were called ‘reef knot’ and ‘square lashing knot’. (Zaina)

My favourite part was the banana boat ride. This was when we rode on a boat shaped like a banana, that was attached to a jet-ski. I liked it, especially when we were tipped off! (Tejas)

I learned to listen to others when one speaks in team-building challenges. (Nandini)

Stubbers 7 Stubbers 6

I learned a lot, from how to tie a square lash to the fact that my group has a lot of strong leaders, which is not necessarily a good thing as we needed to listen to each other. (Femi)

Raft-building was fun as we created rafts in groups using barrels, wooden logs and rope. The members of staff taught us how to make different, complete knots. Some people fell into the water when we were riding the rafts and paddled using the oars. (Agrim)

Travelling across the lake was scary at first but we quickly got used to it and sang ‘YMCA’ as we rowed. Tobi actually stood up on the raft as we did 360 degree turns and went back to shore. (Avneet)

Stubbers 8
Stubbers 9
Stubbers 5

I hope to visit Stubbers again some day. (Amaran)

Wow, wow what an amazing, brilliant, invigorating experience. I want to go back and start the day all over again. It was everything I imagined it would be and more, especially the banana boat ride. It was the best. (Seayona)

I had loads of fun and I wish I could go back. (Zainab)
It was amazing! For me, the banana boat was the best. (Presha)

15 June 2016

I was amazed at how real-life the activities seemed.  The bus and train station sets gave me real life scenarios.  What particularly taught me a lesson was working together with the other school.  I learnt that to do good teamwork you don’t have to be with people you know very well.  Akanksha 6R

Hargreaves 1We were spilt into different groups, colour coded by a card we were given.  Ibrahim 6K

I enjoyed the train safety talk because it made us feel like we were actually standing on a train platform.   I learnt some interesting facts like that a train weighs about 200 tonnes and it generates about 600 amps of electricity and 1 amp is enough to kill you.  Nandini 6K

Hargreaves 2The Hargreaves trip was altogether and all round an eye-opener to the real world and what might happen to us.  With the smoke alarm, we learnt to test them at least every week and we only have to breath in 2 puffs of smoke to die.  Faraz 6K

Some activities gave us rhymes to learn like ‘Stay to the right, hold on tight’ for when travelling on an escalator in the tube so that if we are pushed or knocked into we don’t fall.  Femi  6K

Hargreaves 3The staff taught us so much about safety in a very fun way.  I particularly enjoyed the part where we had to call 999 to alert the police about a robber who stole our phone.  Jodh 6K

There were many great talks and role plays like learning all about transport and safety for dogs and crimes about oyster cards.
Ayham 6R

The morning at Hargreaves taught me many life skills I will need going forward becoming a young citizen. Amaran 6R

Hargreaves 4In the end after all the groups had completed all the scenarios, a member of staff gathered us up and announced who had won according to the scores.  Our group ‘Green tea’ came second but it’s not about winning anyway, it’s the participating that counts.  Charukgan 6K


Hainault Forest 1
Hainault Forest 2
Year 4 took a trip to Hainault Forest
Aaron Kular

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a season ticket at Upton Park. For six years I have been watching them. On the 10th May 2016 it was the time to say goodbye to this historic ground. It was a sad day for many, but on the bright side, we are moving to the Olympic Stadium, beginning a new chapter in the history of the club. Before the celebrations could begin, we had to beat Manchester United. With five minutes to go, we were 3-2 up and the stadium was buzzing. When we heard the final whistle, we screamed with joy. After the game there were fireworks - we gave our former home a perfect send off.

Aaron Kular 6R


Talwar birthday

ilford recorder March 2016

World_book_day_2016_1 World_book_day_2016_2
We raised £303 for Book Aid International on World Book Day.


face your feelings Yasmin Faiz Aryan Jindal Alney Dalley/Abdur-Rahman Ismail Akanksha Chouti Ayham Shaheed [Unnamed] Amaran Benning Aryan Jindal

Year 6 wrote on the subject "Face Your Feelings". Click on any of the pages on the wall display to read it full-size.
Here are links to all of the pieces of writing, including three that are not on the board.

Avantika Bharadwaj, Ayham Shaheed, [Unnamed], Avneet Sapal, Gurkeerat Chadha/Aaron Kular, Alney Dalley/Abdur-Rahman Ismail, Aryan Jindal, Akanksha Chouti, Yasmin Faiz, Arjan Mahil, Amaran Benning

OPEN DAY - March 2016



Poems about World War One from children in 6R, and a photo of the corridor display
6R WW1 poems 1
6R WW1 poems 2
6R WW1 poems 3
6R WW1 poems display


World Book Day
Anbini Suresh
Anbini Suresh
Competition winners
Competition winners
Costume finalists
Costume finalists - Where's Wally?
4D have been celebrating Mother's Day
$D Mothers Day 1
$D Mothers Day 2
$D Mothers Day 3
$D Mothers Day 4
2G seaside 1

2G had a day at the seaside!

They have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

2G Seaside 2 2G, 2D & 3D!


Click on one of the books, then turn the pages by clicking on a corner.
Avneet's book Zania, Ama & Nandini's book
Avneet Sapal made a book called "My Own Story About Learning from Nature".
Zaina, Ama amd Nandii made one called "Emma and John".
Bhalla Sapal singh
More books, by Khushi Bhalla... ...Avneet Sapal... ...and Nandini Singh.


Shahla RafiqDuring the half term I went to the Victorian and Albert museum. Every holiday they have a lovely expedition going on and so this half term they had a carnival expedition going on. We made beautiful parrot masks made from different materials which made the patterns stand out. On this journey I learnt that no matter how messy your work is it is still a piece of art!

By Shahla Rafiq


children in need 2016

Well done everyone. We raised £134.80 for Children in Need. The money we have raised will help disadvantaged children in all parts of the UK - helping them to live safe, happy lives and reach their full potential.


Here are some chalk pictures from 6R

My name is Alexander Shanks and I am a tramp. Earlier, about sixteen years ago, I was a very rich man. That was until I started gambling. I gambled and drank until I could do no more, until eventually scaring my family out of the home.

I had no more money, but still had bills to pay, so with nothing but some boots, a large leather blazer, a family photo and a sack filled with just two other items of clothing, I left.

Now, I spend my life roaming around London freely. Nice people give me food and money and I accept the food but never money. Others stare at the dry hair on my face and head along with the mud, of course. I wondered what they think of me, but I, sleeping in the bins, know I will never change.
Ayham Shaheed


I was rich, I was loved, but I wasn’t free.
This life is easy but I miss my children. As the sun set, I thought about my past and future.
Today, a group of boys were playing football and one kicked a ball at me, chasing after it. When he saw me he ran to his mother and my heart sank. Then he came back with money for me and it made my day. That boy reminded me of my son, and made me regret leaving, but now I have one thing others don’t have, freedom.
Amaran Benning

Hannah Dean
Zainab Razaq
Eastcourt's in the news again!
Ilford Recorder, Thursday February 4th 2016

chinese new year

year 4 chinese 1 year 4 chinese 2
Year 4 with their Chinese New Year dragons
year 4 gurdwara
Year 4 also visited the local gurdwara
chinese 1 chinese 2
chinese 3 chinese 4
Year 2 tasting Chinese food and being Chinese Dragons
chinese 5
chinese 6
chinese 7

Year 3's display work for the Chinese New Year.


ilford recorder


If your browser has trouble playing the videos, try the direct links below
Ariel - who is the fairest of them all.mp4 Bluey has a bad day.mp4

Harpal  and Esher Soor had some fun with stop motion animation over the Xmas holidays. These are the films they made.


"3M have been reading the story of the Nutcracker by ETA Hoffman. Here are three Nutcrackers and an anonymous Drosselmeyer!"

01 Priya Talwar 04 unattributed
Priya Talwar unattributed
03 Ali Reza Rashid 02 Ria Roopra
Ali Reza Rashid Ria Roopra


01 Avani Dughrekar "Year 6 have been doing watercolours in their Art lessons with Jason Rose. Here are some attractive results."
Avani Dughrekar  
02 Haseeb Hussain 03 Gurkeerat Chadha
Haseeb Hussain Gurkeerat Chadha
04 Uma Baker-Bahl 05 Alney Dalley
Uma Baker-Bahl Alney Dalley
06 Presha Ganesh 07 Abdur-Rahman Ismail
Presha Ganesh Abdur-Rahman Ismail


As part of their RE, Year 6 have been looking at how humans can learn from nature
Ama Bennet 6K Femi Akintemi 6K
Avneet Sapal 6K
Avani Dughrekar 6K


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