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Our Year So Far...
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As part of their PSHCE course, Year 6 study ‘values we share’.  In this connection their Charity Week in July proved a huge success with £960.00 being raised for and shared between St. Francis and Haven House Hospices and over £80 for the St. Francis Summer Raffle.

charity certificateMoney was raised through a Bring and Buy, Tombolas, a Cake competition involving the whole school making cakes based on a children’s book, and a special Designer Cookie Competition which challenged Year 6 pupils to become our own Eastcourt-style Apprentice.

Cake finalists included ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’, and the winner (voted for by the children) was Savera Ansari’s ‘Marvel Comics’. 

The successful Apprentices were “Cookie Monsters” – a team comprising Sanya, Diya, Rengashri and Shareka, who presented a beautifully compiled portfolio of work [see pictures Cookie Monster 1-3] and whose cookies doubtless tasted scrumptious!

cookie monster 1
cookie monster 2
cookie monster 3
The 'Cookie Mania' Team
The 'Cookie Mania' Team
The 'Cookie Mania' Team
The 'Cookie Monsters' Team
The 'Super Awesome Amazing Astonishing Cookies' Team
The 'Super Awesome Amazing Astonishing Cookies' Team
Savera Ansari's 'Marvel Comics'
dress up and dance

Year 6 Day at Stubbers Outdoor Activity Centre May 15th

stubbers 2

“A great way to celebrate the end of exams”
- Mya Lakhan

“Full of thrill and excitement. I loved jumping in the freezing cold water because it gave me a shiver down my spine!                                - Meera Perinpanathan

“The most amazing trip I have ever had!” - Aryan Dutta

“Every activity was fun and every child was included.”
                                                                        - Ithill Longe

“There were so many things to experience, such as building our own raft and actually sailing out on it in the lake.”                  - Imaan Rashid

“I loved the banana rides because it was fun to have water spray in your face. I think we got on well as a team.”                                         - Diya Mahil

“It taught me a lot about daring activities and it helps in teamwork skills and co-operation.”
- Suleman Shaheen


A selection of photographs from Stubbers showing banana boat riding, raft making and downhill sledging.

stubbers 1
stubbers 3
stubbers 4
stubbers 5
stubbers 6
stubbers 7
Year 3 pupils were treated to a visit from Jonathan Cope who demonstrated some Aboriginal artefacts which the children enjoyed. This was followed by a Didgeridoo workshop in which the children learned how to play this unusual instrument.

Eastcourt Independent School  hosted a musical recital to round off the term which saw more than 50 past and present pupils play music from across the centuries to the packed school hall.

The choir kicked off the evening with a performance of three classic Hollywood numbers: Singin’ in the Rain, Moon River and Hello Dolly.

Music also came from a pair of saxophonists, eight pianists, a cellist, two violinists, and Year 6 student Meerah Perinpanathan played the Veena, a traditional stringed Indian instrument.

Year 3 teacher and choir master Mike Bell said: “It was a really good night and everyone was wonderfully impressed with our students. We had a bunch of our past pupils return including a group of brothers and sisters who perform together called the Dalley Family. They are a string quartet who performed Pharrell’s Happy.”

Music 1
music 2
music 3
music 4
music 5
music 6
music 7
music 8
music 9
music 10
music 11
music 12
These pictures are by girls from 6K. The project is entitled "Moving On" - part of their PSHCE course.
Anya Saund 1 Anya Saund 2
Devina Chokshi Imaan Rashid
Pia Hindocha Rengashri Alagarsamy
Safeena Nawaz Sanya Gupta 1
Sanya Gupta 2 Shareka Sendooran

Our Easter Assembly was led by Year 6 and Reception. It involved the whole school singing songs and learning facts about spring and Easter. Two competitions, ‘Easter Egg Decorating’ and ‘Make an Easter Bonnet’ were organised to raise money for Brain Tumour Research. We were overwhelmed by the response – £111 was donated to this worthwhile cause. Here is a selection of pictures from the celebrations.

An array of Easter Bonnets Competition Prizewinners - Best Bonnets, Best Eggs Rapt audience for the Easter Assembly

The pictures below are from the Chigwell Art Exhibition, to which we are invited each year. Rengashri Alagarsamy, Imaan Rashid and Anoushka Banerjee are pictured with their exhibits, as well as a chalk drawing by Sarim Baig.

Anoushka Banerjee Gandhi by Sarim Baig Rengashri Alagarsamy and Imaan Rashid
1. Working out distances 2. Phases of the Moon 3. Year 5 Science Display Rainforest homes 1
Rainforest homes 2 Rainforest homes 3 Safety week 1 Safety week 2
Safety week 3 Safety week 4 Year 5 Internet Safety display 1 Year 5 Internet Safety display 2

Redbridge Pupils achieve high scores
in national mathematics challenge

Maths Challenge winners

Year 5 pupils Tejas Mulay and Charukgan Muhunthan from Redbridge have been presented with Silver awards by The Mathematical Association in this year’s Primary Mathematics Challenge (PMC). In addition, Bronze Awards went to fellow-pupils Aekus Narula and Aryan Jindal, all from Eastcourt Independent School, Goodmayes. The prestigious honour demonstrates their achievement as four of the best young mathematicians in the UK.

The first stage of the challenge took place in November 2014 when the Eastcourt pupils competed alongside 80,000 children across the country. Successfully answering a variety of multiple choice mathematics problems, Tejas, Charukghan, Aekus and Aryan (along with fellow-pupils Abdur-Rahman Ismail and Devina Chokshi) joined the top 1% highest scorers who were invited to take part in the PMC Bonus Round in February.

Tejas and Charukgan (both Silver), Aekus and Aryan (both Bronze) rose to the challenge: four of only 530 pupils to win an award in the Bonus Round.

Speaking of the pupil’s success Eastcourt Headmistress Christine Redgrave said: “We are all extremely proud that these four children have won Silver and Bronze awards. It is such an achievement to receive recognition for mathematical ability on a national scale. All of year 5 and year 6 children at the school enjoyed taking part in the Challenge and most importantly it shows them that maths can be fun.”

Lesley Jones from The Mathematical Association added: “We would like to offer our congratulations to Tejas, Charukgan, Aekus, Aryan and all the pupils who participated. We received a large number of entries, which reflects a real appetite for solving maths problems and puzzles. We always try to make the questions interesting and accessible, while giving pupils an opportunity to apply fundamental maths skills. It is great to be able to acknowledge brilliant young minds in the UK and nurture the future mathematicians.”

Here are three questions that the six children took in the PMC Bonus Round paper:

maths questions

ofsted 2015
Click here for a link to the March 2015 OFSTED report
charity collections march 2015
Young enterprise 1
Young enterprise 2
Young enterprise 3
Young enterprise 4


Year 6 copied some famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh.
Click here to learn about Van Gogh and his work.
Bedroom in Arles, Ashwin Taheem 6R
Patience Escalier, Shepherd in Provence, Aryan  Dattani 6R Portrait of a Girl ('La Mousme'), Sarim Baig 6R

Road with Cypress and Star, Sanya Gupta 6K

Self-Portrait, Kaiya Patel 6K
Starry Night Maya Sidhu 6K
Starry Night, Imaan Rashid 6K
Starry Night, Karam Johal 6R
Sunflowers, Meerah Perinpanathan 6R Sunflowers, Rengashri Alagarsamy 6K
Lowry painting
6B Painting inspired by L.S.Lowry
Ancient Egyptian

An Ancient Egyptian addresses Year 5

Year 5 are Egyptian  
Year 5 are Egyptian  
Christmas party Year 5 costumes
Christmas party Some happy Year 5 costumes
Indoors 1 indoors_2
...and outdoors outdoors_3
outdoors_1 outdoors_2

Congratulations to Eastcourt on some great fund-raising efforts!

Haven house haven house certificate
poppy appeal 2014 children in need 2014
The story of the poppy
“If you’d like to find out more about how the money you have raised positively changes lives, go to bbc.co.uk/pudsey where you can sign up for our newsletter and find lots of stories and photos of the children and young people that you have helped.”
Open Day November 2014 Click any picture for a larger view
Central display Central display 2
Oaks Activity Centre display Reception
Results board Stage display 1
Stage display 2 Year 1
Year 2 masks Year 3
Year 4 Year 5
Year 6  
Friendship Week
friendship assembly

21st November marked the end of 'Friendship Week', and Mrs Redgrave and Miss Redgrave presented an assembly before the whole school and parents. We identified several foreign words (all meaning 'friend'), Miss Redgrave read us the story about the Gander and the Panda, and the Eastcourt Links Council representatives made a presentation to the pupil in each class voted by their classmates as a good friend. Finally we sang a song about friends with plenty of Vikki's hand movements!

Our picture shows the four representatives and, in front of them, six of the best friends with their certificates.

Inspired by our artist-in-residence Jason Rose, class 6B produced some excellent bird pictures.
Aekus Narula
Aekus Narula
Kaiya Patel
Kaiya Patel
Maya Sidhu
Maya Sidhu

Rengashri Alagarsamy
Rengashri Alagarsamy

Rengashri Alagarsamy
Rengashri Alagarsamy
Safeena Nawaz
Safeena Nawaz
Sanya Gupta
Sanya Gupta
Year 6 "CSI Forensic Science" visit, November 5th 2014
csi 1 csi 2

 "At the CSI Workshop we were taught about forensic science and solved a crime. I learned that you can walk across a pool of blood!"

"I feel that the CSI Workshop was good, because it makes you think. It involves many subjects: science, maths, English. The best part was when you had to focus and figure out the crime."

"I recommend the CSI Forensic Science Workshop to others because you learn how police track down suspects. I also learned that DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid."

In the two photos, the first is one of the four identical set-ups, featuring 'clues', many (but not all) of which led to the identification of the correct 'suspect' (out of six possibles, mugshots posted on the wall). The second is Year 6 in four groups in the process of solving the crime.

Diwali Assembly 2014
diwali 3 Click a picture to view full-size
diwali 1
diwali 2
Coffee Morning for McMillan Nurses raises £220!
coffee 1 coffee 2
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Our Year 2013-14