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Our Year So Far...

Year 6 Fruit Feast! circus Circus and Farm
RR - gym, letter writing, time and water! Activity day, Reception, Romans & Celts and chicks! chicks
1H enjoy weaving Golden time in RR 3J - various activities
Mrs. Davies and Mrs. Bunnage Chalk-and-charcoal pictures on the theme of 'Winter' by Year 6 CHIGWELL ART EXHIBITION
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values RECYCLING PROJECT The Anglo-Saxons
Year 3 learned about Australia Year 5 Science A tribute to Len Hoffman
of children's writing in a wide range of styles
'Other Types of Writing' An assortment of styles and subjects.
design 1 6R had to design a floor... design 3
Year 6 Christmas Sale and Christmas posters Class 1F doing some maths 2G - different kinds of materials
Freshwater science workshop Year 5 - Ancient Egyptian workshop Also see our