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Our Year So Far...

Year 1 Maths and a visit to the park Year 1
MAGAZINE 2018-19

Read the 2018-19
edition of

Eastcourt celebrated the children's achievements at their annual Concert and Prizegiving, held at the Queen's Theatre Hornchurch.

These pictures show a range of awards from Reception to Year 6.

Infant house trophy and sports cup Noman, Sahib, Nivaan, Jingxi



Thank you 6R for helping us to make silly pizza faces. We had a lovely time and you were very patient with us! Hope you enjoyed eating them as much as we did. pizza


Design a Bedroom
Year 6 applied their maths skills to this project. First they had to draw a plan to scale showing the room and furniture. they then worked to decorate and furnish the room keeping within a given budget. the focus then switched to DT, making a 3D model, and ICT, showing the process. We hope you enjoy looking at some of our results. Press the Play buttons in the videos.
In Year 1 we planted sunflower seeds. The seeds had to be watered regularly. We were very excited when they started to grow. Sunflowers
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Magazine 2018

Here are the pages of our new-style e-magazine, celebrating the year of 2017‑18.
The children have looked back over their year and picked out some highlights.


Year 5 visited the Epping Forest Field Studies Centre

Epping visit

Quiz night

Quiiz night

Year 6 are studying 'Peace' as part of their PSHEE curriculum, and have made posters inspired by the Japanese story of Sadako Sasaki.

Sadako mural

Year 6 have also been busy with their “Collectibles for Peace” project.


World Book Day 2019

World Book Day

Rainforest clip

Year 2 are learning about the rainforest...

Dressing up at Valentines Mansion
Some pictures from Year 1
Science, DT, Art, Geography and a trip to Valentines Mansion.
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Eastcourt has always supported the annual Chigwell School Art Exhibition, and this year saw a variety of entries on display. Here is Ria (Y6) indicating her artwork.
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Chigwell art

More on the Year 6 'I Have a Dream' project

I Have a Dream

Bear's magic pencil Reception thoroughly enjoyed our recent workshop 'Bear's Magic Pencil'.
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World Book Day logo

World Book Day is an annual event which aims to focus our attention on books, often in different and unusual ways. It also raises funds for children in other parts of the world where they are less fortunate than we are and do not have books automatically available.

As usual, we have a range of competitions for all the children, hopefully something to appeal to everyone.
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RCJ studied sounds, shapes and their teeth!

RR spiders

RR say: "We made moving spiders for homework!"

Martin Luther King

Year 6 looked at Martin Luther King and his famous speech


PE February 2019

Eastcourt pupils are enjoying the revised PE and games curriculum led by Mrs Kirsty, Mr Duff and Mrs Solder. Here you can see Year 2 learning about movement.

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And, finally, to round off 2018...
1L glitter 1L created a winter picture using paper, glitter and newspaper

Year 1 Father Christmas


Father Christmas visited Year 1's party and gave us all a gift! Thank you Father Christmas!
infant nativity 2 Here are some lovely pictures of the infant nativity.
2G testing different types of paper Here is 2G testing different types of paper. What happens to different paper when we make it wet?
squash rubber Look! I can stretch, twist, scrunch and squash rubber!

Victorian seasides

Year 2 learned about Victorian seasides. Then we enjoyed a traditional Punch and Judy show.
More from the Year 6 "Christmas Challenge" Santa's Biscuiteers
Portals to the Past 2018 Year 3 had a fun-filled day where they were transported to prehistoric Britain by Portals to the Past. The children took part in many activities, from hunting and gathering to learning about Stonehenge, where they had to put into practice their teamwork skills and build Stonehenge. The children moved through time to the Bronze Age and finally arrived in the Iron Age where the children re-enacted a battle scene with the leader of the Iceni tribe, Boudicca.
The children once again looked great, so a big thank you to our parents for helping their children get into the true spirit.
What would you do with a Magic Pencil... Magic pencil
This half term RCJ have been experimenting with paint and making things Reception paint and making things
Year 6 have started a PSHEE topic ‘We are all different’. All different
Year 6 Christmas Posters Year 6 Christmas Posters
Some pictures from Year 1 year 1
Artwork Year 6 are working with artist Jason Rose. Their first unit of work involves pencil sketching, and here are some of our results. Our next project is a portrait of Martin Luther King.
We hope you will pop into our Open Day on 17th November 10am - 12pm to see our results.

Festival of Light

Year 3 proudly presented the Festivals of Light Assembly. The children worked hard to learn their lines and the songs were sung with actions. Everyone enjoyed the performance. Well done, Year 3, and special thanks to our parents for their continued support. 
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Year 6 Fruit Feast! circus Circus and Farm
RR - gym, letter writing, time and water! Activity day, Reception, Romans & Celts and chicks! chicks
1H enjoy weaving Golden time in RR 3J - various activities
Mrs. Davies and Mrs. Bunnage Chalk-and-charcoal pictures on the theme of 'Winter' by Year 6 CHIGWELL ART EXHIBITION
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values RECYCLING PROJECT The Anglo-Saxons
Year 3 learned about Australia Year 5 Science A tribute to Len Hoffman
of children's writing in a wide range of styles
'Other Types of Writing' An assortment of styles and subjects.
design 1 6R had to design a floor... design 3
Year 6 Christmas Sale and Christmas posters Class 1F doing some maths 2G - different kinds of materials
Freshwater science workshop Year 5 - Ancient Egyptian workshop Also see our