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Our Year So Far... Autumn 2015
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Shakespeare Workshop Shakespeare 1

Shakespeare 2

“The actors chose children to perform some parts of it. Children definitely enjoy a good act!” – Prina

“It was an experience I won’t forget” – Ayesha

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop because it teaches you so much.” – Zara


Shakespeare 3 Shakespeare 4
Shakespeare 5

haven house 3 haven house 2 Haven House 1
elf 1
elf 2
Akanksha Chouti, accounts
elf 3
Akishan Jasokumar, poster
elf 4
Amaran Benning, poster
elf 5
Hannah Dean, model
elf 6
Haseeb Hussain, model
elf 7
Sandhana Ray, accounts
elf 8
Seayona Patel, model
elf 9
Zainab Razaq, poster


shakespeare 1On the 2nd December the Young Shakespeare Company visited Eastcourt.
They performed a highly enjoyable and realistic play of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.   There was fake blood and even chair throwing, which gave a shock to many people.  Kushi 6K

It was a modern version of a classic tale, but they kept the language the same. The play was made modern by having Benvolio wear a tracksuit and sunglasses.  Also they played current music in the background of some scenes.  Amaran 6R

The actors were sometimes like narrators; they were very interactive since they kept asking everyone what would happen next.  They introduced new characters and some of the parts were played by children.  Ama 6K

shakespeare 2shakespeare 3shakespeare 4

I loved the comedy during the party but I was shocked at the end.  I did not know the story of Romeo and Juliet was so exciting.  So far this is the best workshop I have ever had.   Akanksha 6R

My favourite part of the story of the couple ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was the ending.  Though they both died due to  misconception (and poison), it made me start to feel sad even though I knew it wasn’t a true story.  Ayham 6R

shakespeare 5shakespeare 6shakespeare 7

Directed by Christopher Geelan, this troupe of actors made us laugh, smile and cry in two hours – what seemed like a very short time!  Romeo (Nicholas Lymm) and Juliet  (Helen Watkinson) were a perfect pair.  Mercutio (Keith Higginbotham, who also acted Lord Capulet) made us giggle with his amusing serenades on the guitar and his antics as the head of the Capulet family.  Tybalt, with his fiery temper was always getting into fights while Eleanor Cope (Juliet’s nurse) was an amusing character – very bubbly and bright.  The actors interacted with the children and it was great fun for all of us.  Avantika 6K

shakespeare 8shakespeare 9



poppy appeal

Here are four pages of atmospheric writing and drawings from 6R







macmillan cert

albert hall 1

albert hall2

On Sunday 8th November, the Eastcourt School Choir performed at the Royal Albert Hall for Barnardo's Young Supporters' Charity Concert. Along with other choirs from around the country, they performed 17 songs under conductor Douglas Coombes MBE. Choirmaster Mike Bell said, 'Eastcourt's children sang beautifully, including some difficult lower parts, behaved wonderfully and enjoyed a brilliant experience which will live long in everyone's memory.'

road safety

Saanvi Patchipulusu, 3M, won 3rd prize in the recent Redbridge Road Safety Competition 'Be Safe, Be Seen'. Children were asked to design a poster to help warn others of the dangers of walking home in the dark. Saanvi's design was bright and colourful with a clear message. Her prize was a Road Safety goody bag.

The ‘Festival of Lights’ Assembly


Year 3 presented the annual ‘Festival of Lights’ Assembly to a packed Hall of parents...




... and then repeated the performance for the school the next day. The children acted out plays of Rama and Sita for Diwali, and the Hanukkah met the Christmas star.


Arya Bhalla performed a traditional dance, and Gurkeerat and Simrat Chadha sang a traditional song to a harmonium accompaniment.

The Stone Age Workshop
Stone age 2 Stone age 1
Stone age 3 Stone age 4

Year 3  enjoyed a  day's visit from ‘Portals to the Past’, taking them on a  historical  journey from the Stone Age, via the Bronze Age, to the Iron  Age. All the children dressed in period costume for their journey 'back in time' and were enthralled by re-enacting fire-making, a woolly mammoth hunt,  hunting a stag, warfare and a tribal battle!


animals and birds

Maths 1

Maths 2

Year 3 attended a maths workshop where they solved challenging puzzles involving shapes.
The workshop helped them with problem-solving and teamwork.

Cristingles 1

Cristingles 2

Year 3 made Christingles in their 'Exploring worship through festivals' RE lessons.

“A Christingle is a symbolic object, used in the Advent services of many Christian denominations. Christingle means 'Christ Light' and is used to celebrate Jesus Christ as the "Light of the World". Used primarily for Advent and Christmas, it is also used for Epiphany.” Wikipedia

Children learned about the significance of Christingles during Advent and enjoyed making one of their own!

St Francis collection
all different 1
all different 2

More from Reception...
So far this term we have learned lots of different things!

Reception 1

Our friend and local newsagent, Rohini, came to show us how to put on a sari and talk about life in India.

In maths we have been estimating, counting, and finding the right number.

REception 2

And we can now make lots of different words using the sounds we have learned.

Reception 3Reception 3Reception 3

Also, of course, we have been  playing lots of games!

Reception 3
Reception 3
In Reception we are looking forward to discovering new toys,
Reception 1
making new friends,
REception 2
...and learning new ways of doing things.
Reception 3
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