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Len Hoffman

It was with great sadness that we learned last month of the death of Len Hoffman at 93. Len’s Friday evening table-tennis club was a much-loved and much-attended activity at Eastcourt for over twenty years. He would concentrate primarily on the younger and less talented children with infinite gentleness and good humour, but for all players he was a stickler for fair play and graciousness in victory or defeat. The better players were encouraged to join the local Mossford Club in Seven Kings, and many did so. From 1997 to 2009 Len organised the Pat Latchford Memorial Table-tennis Tournament (named after a much-respected colleague), a proper knockout competition played over a whole afternoon. Len’s coaching talent and fame extended far beyond Eastcourt, of course, though few of our children perhaps realised how far, or for how long he had been helping young people all over East London. “If it hadn’t been for Len, I would never have competed in the Olympics, never mind the fourteen National titles and three Commonwealth gold medals,” wrote former protegĂ© Sky Andrew. By so many Eastcourt children, talented, keen, or just happy to turn up on a Friday after school, Len Hoffman will be fondly remembered.

Len Hoffman, BEM (1924-2018)