Eastcourt Independent School is a private day school for boys and girls from 3-11 years old.
1 Eastwood Road Goodmayes Essex  IG3 8UW  020 8590 5472 admin@eastcourtschool.org.uk

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autumn 2018 newsletter
Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Holiday Dates for 2017-18 and 2018-19

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Comments from parents and children

Magazine 2018

Here are the pages of our new-style e-magazine, celebrating the year of 2017-18.
The children have looked back over their year and picked out some highlights.


Year 6 Fruit Feast! circus Circus and Farm
RR - gym, letter writing, time and water! Activity day, Reception, Romans & Celts and chicks! chicks
1H enjoy weaving Golden time in RR 3J - various activities
Mrs. Davies and Mrs. Bunnage Chalk-and-charcoal pictures on the theme of 'Winter' by Year 6 CHIGWELL ART EXHIBITION
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values RECYCLING PROJECT The Anglo-Saxons
Year 3 learned about Australia Year 5 Science A tribute to Len Hoffman
of children's writing in a wide range of styles
'Other Types of Writing' An assortment of styles and subjects.
design 1 6R had to design a floor... design 3
Year 6 Christmas Sale and Christmas posters Class 1F doing some maths 2G - different kinds of materials
Freshwater science workshop Year 5 - Ancient Egyptian workshop Also see our
11+ results
New Eastcourt Prospectus

Ofsted Report Update:

The Ofsted report you see on this website is currently the subject of a formal complaint: we have raised many concerns about the process, conduct and outcomes.
Ofsted now have thirty days in which to respond, which takes us to 11th July.

We would like to thank our parents and children for their support, and also Mr Bill Brown and Mr Martin Ayres, the educational consultants who are helping us.


CLICK HERE for individual written compliments paid by parents and children to the school and its teachers within the past two years
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