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Our aim is to enable pupils to become creative and reflective learners who are able to express themselves fluently and confidently in a variety of different ways.  Within the curriculum, Art and Design will clearly contribute towards this, enabling pupils to respond thoughtfully to different learning and stimuli. Pupils should be able to develop their cultural understanding in a range of contexts, Art being one of them. We also want our pupils to understand that the perseverance and attentiveness needed to complete an Art and Design project leads to personal pride.


At Eastcourt, Art is taught in every year group. The curriculum has been designed to cover the skills set out in the National Curriculum. Throughout their journey at Eastcourt, every child is given the opportunity to learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing and sculpture through the exploration of key artists (inclusive of a range of cultures, genders and countries), craft makers or designers and their work. In Reception, Art is evidenced in Learning Journals and collaborative pieces. Reception children are given daily access to a range of creative opportunities to explore different media and develop a range of skills. From Years 1 to 6, each child has a sketchbook, which they use as a personal journey to make initial sketches, develop skills, record ideas and evaluate finished pieces. At Eastcourt, we develop confident art critics where the children share their opinions and make observations about what will improve their own (and others’) practical work. We promote cross-curricular links to allow children to deepen their understanding across the curriculum and continue exploring and developing their art skills in other subjects. Teachers follow a progression of skills which ensures the pupils are challenged in line with their year group expectations and have the opportunity to build on prior knowledge and skills. There are opportunities for children to have their Art exhibited in local schools.


The impact of the Art and Design curriculum at Eastcourt will lead to outstanding progress across key stages relative to a child’s personal starting point and their progression of skills. Eastcourt’s Art and Design curriculum aims to inspire children to be enthusiastic artists, evidenced in a range of ways including sketchbook journeys, staff experience, and pupil voice. We ensure that children who are confident learners and those who need support with their Art and Design learning, are identified, and appropriate additional provisions are planned within the lesson. Art achievements are celebrated through classroom displays and links with local schools who are exhibiting Art. We aim to develop our future artists and their appreciation of the art around them.

Great Artists

Year 6 artwork linked to Kensuke's Kingdom

Year 6 artwork linked to Kensuke's Kingdom 1

Year 6 artwork linked to Kensuke's Kingdom 2