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October 17th – Harvest Festival, and we had a special Soup Tasting !

Here are some comments from happy tasters.


It tastes good for me. It is hot!
Ehan 1H (Vegetable soup)

Idress & Nivaan

It is nice! Mum, can you get the recipe?
Idress 1H (Pumpkin Soup)

I have had a pumpkin salad before! It tastes like pumpkin!
Nivaan 1H (Pumpkin Soup)

buttons 1

RR were sorting the buttons in different ways. They worked together to sort the buttons by colour. They discussed they could sort them by shape or by how many holes they have.

buttons 2

We went to Southend to learn about the history of the area. There is a war memorial that we saw.


We learnt how the Victorian dressed when they went to the beach. Here is Fatimah dressed in a Victorian swimming costume.

Christmas stamp 2017
Christmas stamp 2017
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