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Dr Lea Maths and Science workshop

Today Dr Lea came to visit us. We enjoyed an amazing show where we saw a diver (Derrick) who floated and sunk in a bottle of water! Can you remember how he moved? Dr Lea used a purple liquid (cabbage water) to make three clear liquids change colour! Holding a bottle full of water she walked around and squirted all of us without undoing the lid!

Dr Lea 1
The best part of the show was the rockets! The first rocket had air pumped into and it exploded into the sky! The second rocket had a little bit of water in, then we pumped air into it… Can you guess what happened?
Dr Lea 3
Dr Lea 3

Dr Lea amazed us all with her science/maths demonstrations. We can't wait to try out some of the ideas ourselves. Thank you Friends of Eastcourt!

Dr Lea 4