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On Thursday 21st March, Year 5 visited the Epping Forest Field Studies Centre to find out more about
the Debden Brook at High Beech as we have been studying rivers in our geography lessons this term.
We wanted to see for ourselves how a river changes as it travels downstream.

First we learnt a little about how ‘geology’ can help to create rivers by taking samples of the soil at
the source of the river, it was clay and was sticky and thick so water was unable to infiltrate here!
These are called the ‘Claygate Beds’.

Then we actually got to go into the river and carried out some fieldwork investigations using different
techniques and equipment. We recorded our results and found that what we have been learning is

‘ In the river we learned a lot while having fun at the same time’ Aqeel 5H

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‘The best part of the day was when I was measuring the river because I have never been in a river
before.’ Aditya 5H

‘The best part of the day was getting into the river to carry out experiments, but the mud was smelly!’
Zaina 5H

‘I loved going into the river because we had a chance to do different investigations and I like doing
investigations’ Eakaspal 5H

‘ I liked feeling the different soils. I have never felt clay from the ground before.’ Isabel 5H

‘I would recommend Debden Brook to people of all genders and ages because you can learn about
rivers and enjoy yourself simultaneously’ Faraz 5H