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Some pictures from Year 1
Science, DT, Art, Geopgraphy, Valentines Mansion.
Eesa worked out how to make a lump of plasticine float and sink in our Science lesson.
We worked together and used construction equipment to make models to playground apparatus in our DT lesson.
sunflowers 1
sunflowers 2
In Art, we painted pictures in the style of Van Gogh.
house in vietnam 1
house in vietnam 2
house in vietnam 2
house in vietnam 4
In Geography we have been learning about houses around the world. Our homework project was to build a house from Vietnam.
valentines 1
valentines 2
valentines 3
We visited Valentines Mansion and had a fun morning exploring the rooms. We spent some time in the kitchen and learnt about Victorian times. We also dressed up in Victorian clothes.