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In PSHEE we have been looking at the individual, and the contribution we make to the world in which we live. As part of this topic we used the speech ' I have a dream' and tried to write a speech of our own about something we feel is important in our lives today.

Our ideas included an end to homelessness, begging and inequality of wealth; knife crime, violence and war; smoking, plastic waste and pollution; racism, bullying and negative self-image.

We advocated education for all; further discussion on Brexit; greater care for the environment with more consideration to cutting down trees and endangered animals.

There were different views on the role of technology, pushing for an increase in technology for individual pupils in one case, and a ban of pupils' mobile phones in another.

The thought behind the writing and the passion of the speakers made this a valuable exercise -1 hope the pupils continue reflecting on their lives and expressing what they believe is right in a non-violent, open manner.

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