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Two photos of class 1F doing some maths on a number line.
IF maths 1
IF maths 2
2G. We pretended to be different kinds of materials. What material do you think we are?
Freshwater science workshop. We had to tell the professor everything we knew about materials and find different materials in our school.
2G playing time bingo. We were learning to match analogue and digital times.
Time bingo
We worked so hard learning and talking about materials that we hatched a new exploratorium from a red egg. I think we shocked the professor with all our knowledge about materials.

Year 5 children participated in an Ancient Egyptian workshop on Monday 9th October.

The workshop was fun and interactive and involved activities throughout the day. They learnt about what happens following the death of a mighty Pharaoh, including tomb building, the mummification process, burial ceremonies and the crowning of the new Pharaoh. Other activities included:

• Doing basic maths the Egyptian way, and learning how to measure in cubits.
• Discovering fascinating facts during an Egyptian-themed  quiz.
• Playing an easy Egyptian board game called Hounds and Jackals.
• Looking at Egyptian artefacts and way of  life.

Egyptian 1 Egyptian 2
Egyptian 3
Egyptian 4