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We would really like to make this a regular feature on our website. Please write or email the school and let us know how you are getting on – whether you have recently left us, or remember us from a long time ago!

“After leaving Eastcourt in 2014, I joined the City of London School for Boys with an academic scholarship. Having just completed my GCSEs with eight 9s, two 8s and a 7, I am now in the 6th form at City, studying Physics, Chemistry, Informatics, Maths and Further Maths at A-level. 
Being on the school’s debating team, I have had the pleasure of participating in the Worshipful Company of Worlds Traders Tacitus Public Speaking Competition where we have been placed second two years running. 
Having played table tennis at Eastcourt I then went on to play in the National Cadet and Junior League winning two silver medals. I have also competed in the London Youth Games winning a bronze medal in the archery and coming in the top 5 London Boroughs in fencing and tennis. 
In addition to this I am a Petty Officer in the CCF Royal Navy, with whom I have gained a Power-boating licence, firefighting training as well as sailing, paddle sports and leadership qualifications. Along side this, I have also completed the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards and am midway through completing the Gold Award. These involve volunteering, sports, skills and expeditions in the Brecon Beacons. 
I look back fondly on my time at Eastcourt as the school provides a tremendous foundation which has allowed me to excel further in the years since leaving.” Kabeer

Congratulations to Danyall Mirza

We were delighted to receive this from his family:

" Hi Mrs Redgrave,
We hope you are well and enjoyed the summer break!

We wanted to share Danyaal’s GCSE results with you. He achieved one 9, five 8’s and six 7’s. He is very happy with his results, as are we and will now be continuing at KEG’s to study A’levels in Geography, History, English Literature and Economics.
Kind regards,
Naseem and Faraz Mirza ….. and Danyaal too !"

Alexandre Ross an actor, filmmaker and screenwriter (class of 2000) married Elizabeth Buckley on the 2nd August 2019 at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel Nr Welwyn Garden Hertfordshire.

Alexandre Ross



Congratulations to Molly Pontefract who is now 6th in the world in the classical ballet duets/trios at The Dance World Cup in Braga!

News from four ex-pupils from the class of 2010:

Elisha Koonjul
2nd year Medical Student at Barts and The London
Eastcourt has helped prepare me for the pressures of being a medical student from a young age and how to manage this pressure through various extra curricular activities. As well as this, it has helped me know how to manage my time properly - a skill essential as a medical student! Being at Eastcourt was like having a second family at school. I still keep in touch with a lot of my friends from Eastcourt and I’ve definitely made life long friendships.

Shola Anjalee Sonagara
4 year Pharmacy degree (MPharm), University of Nottingham.
I’m so grateful that my early years were shaped by Eastcourt because it set a high standard for discipline towards both my academic and extra-curricular projects, that I still carry with me to this day. The environment built a solid foundation for organisation &  independence that is ingrained in my nature and has helped me progress in many different situations. The school nurtured my love for culture and performing arts especially through mini productions throughout the year and the summer concerts. I have always expressed art in the form of dance and Vikki’s classes were what I used to find confidence and comfort in myself as an individual at such a young age, so for her I am thankful. I don’t think I’ll forget receiving a prize for Effort in Year 3 by Mr Wenban because at a time when I didn’t think my abilities were good enough, he showed me that resilience and making small wins do not go unnoticed and they will be rewarded, even when you think no-one is watching. My fuel to persist in everything I do was honestly set on fire from that moment. Celebrating micro wins is just as important as the macro wins!

Leona Sharma
2nd Year Medicine at UCL
Although I was only at Eastcourt for a short time, the school definitely made a lasting impression as place of encouragement and fairness. I truly believe the lessons I learnt in Eastcourt from two of the best teachers (Mr Barnard and Mr Greenwood) I’ve had in my life have made me into a more resilient, strong and responsible individual than I could have been otherwise. As soon I came to Eastcourt from my old school I felt welcomed, by my peers and especially by my teacher Mr Barnard, who gave me the first ever weekly star award, which I’ve still kept! Mr Barnard is a truly passionate teacher and I know I never had a single boring lesson with him. He always found a way to make concepts engaging and education easy. Eastcourt truly inspired the confidence within me to set higher goals and believe I was capable of achieving them. I am so grateful to all the people I met there and the lasting impression the school has made on me.

Mathushan Perinpanathan
Medicine, St George’s University, London
Hello everyone, my name's Mathushan. I left Eastcourt in 2011 and I attended KEGS in Chelmsford. I'm currently studying Medicine at St. George's University in London. I am very grateful to have studied at Eastcourt as it has definitely built a good foundation for me to grow as a person through the fabulous, caring teachers and the people that were around me everyday. My most memorable moments were Mr. Greenwood's history lessons with his ability to tell good stories and Mrs. Davies's science experiments which were always interesting and something to look forward to.